previously I have searched tried to find the answer from a previous question, however Im not sure it was resolved. I could comment on the question to find more, so decided to post a new question. Previous question found (Localhost stop resolving after a few minutes IIS 7.5)

So I set up a new website on Windows 7 IIS 7.5 ... I give it a host header and in the hosts file I add the entry for and browse the site. After about the second or third time of trying to click around on the local site, it starts hanging ... just seems to be looking like its trying to load, but just eventually comes back in Firefox with "The connection was reset" (takes about 30-50 secs before this happens). I then used a program like CurrPorts, to view the ports that are listening, and for the initial request it all seems good. Now after the site is hanging, I dont see the hit coming through anymore. Its as if the browser loses touch with IIS or something. If I open a different browser, works fine for about 2 clicks or so, then same problem. Anyone know what could be causing this? Or how to resolve?

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