Ive got a dozen users and half of them take forever to connect to the smb share coming from a windows server 2008 r 2 standard server. Some users instantly connect with no issue.

These Mac OS X workstations have been clean formatted to see if it was a OS issue but still some take forever to connect.

I am wondering if there is something on the server side that can assist.

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    how are the user's resolving the server name? via DNS or via NETBIOS? – SpacemanSpiff Nov 26 '12 at 20:24

The Lord's ways are mysterious, but the vagaries of SMB in a mixed OS environment even more so....

So I don't claim to have the full answer, but there are a couple of things you can try:

  • If possible have ipv6 enabled on both OSX and Windows. Even if it is with just automatically generated addresses. A number of name-resolution related things work better that way between Windows and OSX.
  • Install the Bonjour printing service for Windows on the W2K8 machine. Even if you don't have print-queues on the server it makes the server announce it presence to the Macs which should help.
  • If all else fails: Try to accesss the SMB share by smb://ip-address/share and/or by smb://servername.local/share
  • For some obscure reason that I never managed to figure out sometimes it helps to access the share using cifs:// in stead of smb://. They should amount to the same thing, but somehow that is not always true.
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