I am new to mongodb and i installed it on xen para virtual vm and when given command

"mongo" terminal freezed and on the top output command mongo is taking almost 100% CPU.

Is this a bug,or does the mongo command made the scheduler to consider the process interactive and resulted in more cpu usage?

Running Mongo 2.0.4,Ubuntu 12.04, 3.2.0-23-generic as VM


This is not normal behavior, no, the mongo shell itself is quite lightweight and should consume very little resources unless you are running something complex in terms of javascript. A simple connection to a mongod instance should not cause this kind of problem. Despite running the shell and mongod on multiple VMs I have never seen this behavior, hence I can't really suggest what might be causing it.

As a general recommendation, I would not use 2.0.4, it is well over a year old, and has been superseded by 5 minor versions in the 2.0 branch (as of writing this) and by 2 major versions (2.2 and 2.4). Hence, you might be running into an old bug that I am not remembering. At the very least I would recommend getting hold of 2.0.9 and preferably using 2.4.4+

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