I have a service i just installed on a ubuntu workstation machine. Say its running under port 511. I can connect locally :

telnet localhost 511

When i try to connect from a remote machine it fails

telnet 511

Whats wierd is i tried to connect locally using the ip address and i get the following error:
"Unable to connect to remote host: Connection Refused"

I checked the status of the firewall:

sudo ufw status

and get back "status:inactive"

So does anyone know why i can't connect remotely since the firewall is disabled and why can't i connect locally using its ip address. I don't know if this matters but its running under esxi.


A few things to try (in no particular order):

  1. Run ifconfig -a on your Ubuntu VM to determine if the assigned NIC has the assigned properly.

  2. Run iptables -L on your Ubuntu VM to determine if any filters are in place. This is a "just making sure" type of check.

  3. Run nestat -antup|grep 511 on your Ubuntu VM to determine if the service is listening. It could be that your service is only listening on the lo interface.

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