In general, if you are PC\Admin and you have a stored password for network share DOMAINSERVER\Share (done using the interface "Stored User Names and Passwords"), and you have a scheduled task that runs as you even when you are not logged in, will a script that uses, say, xcopy be able to copy over to that share drive using your credentials?


It should work. When you schedule the Task, you can specify a user and password to use when the task runs, use the Domain\user and password. I prefer to create special accounts for this, as if you use a user's acct (your own) and the password changes, the tasks will fail. SO I create a account just for scheduled tasks, set a really long password, limit the rights to the bare minimum, and exempt it from the password expiration that my domain users have.


I reckon so. Never tested it, but when the process impersonates you, it should be able to reference your stored credentials. It's easy to test... why not try it.

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