I have a virtual host set up to redirect ntung-gitblit.localhost --> myserver:1279. However, it's not working with forward encoded slashes (%2f). The URL I'm trying to access is,


Without AllowEncodedSlashes, it fails -- apache tries to access /error/HTTP_NOT_FOUND.html.var on the server. Setting AllowEncodedSlashes to On results in the following internal URL hit,


And setting AllowEncodedSlashes to NoDecode results in the following URL being hit,


In other, words, it's over-escaping or under-escaping. Question: How do I make it hit myserver:1279/ABC%2fXYZ?

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Sorry, just got it (3rd answer here), the solution is to use nocanon in the ProxyPass directive,

AllowEncodedSlashes On
ProxyPass / http://myserver:1279/ nocanon

I can delete the question if it's no longer helpful.


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