We're using Vagrant & Chef to provision the staging VM for our app.

Once I have a working cookbook, I upload it to chef-server and Jenkins hook ensures the staging env gets updated.

However, it's not clear to me how to try out the cookbook before I upload it. I can't use chef-solo because we're using environments.

Should I run a chef-server locally in a VM and upload it there? Or should I fix the cookbook versions in the run-lists and upload a new version (so that staging still uses the old one and does not break if the new version is wrong)?

How do you do this?


I suggest using Test Kitchen with the chef-zero provisioner.

There are several examples that use this:

To enable zero as the provisioner, put this in a .kitchen.yml

  name: chef_zero

You'll need to create mock environments, which you should create as JSON files in test/integration/environments.

Additional documentation about Test Kitchen is maintained by Chef Docs

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