Can anyone please guide me (or point to a nice guide) on how to set up the Evolution plugin for MS Exchange on Fedora 11? I tried installing from source, but got pretty much lost in woods. It would be great to have as simple guide (like yum install something) - if it is possible. If I have to deal with sources, I would appreciate a very detailed step-by-step guide for dummy.


  • Talking to Exchange 2003 is very different than talking to Exchange 2007, please tell us which you're wanting to connect to. Also, there are two Evolution plugins for Exchange: The Exchange Plugin, and the Exchange MAPI plugin. – sysadmin1138 Jul 25 '09 at 16:29
  • It would be Exchange 2007. I don't really know th edifference between the two plugins you've mentioned. – kdl Jul 26 '09 at 17:57

You have to install the Exchange plugin for Evolution:

pkcon install evolution-exchange

After this you can choose Microsoft Exchange as server type when creating a new Evolution mail account. You have to enter your username (maybe in form <domain>\<user>) and the URL to the Outlook Web Access (OWA URL). After a click on Authenticate you should be asked for your password. If you entered all information correctly, the name of your mailbox should have been filled in in the Mailbox field.

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I don't have Fedora handy to test, but IIRC it is actually installed by default (or it was in earlier versions of Fedora). If it is not installed, it should just be a matter of typing

yum install evolution

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yum install evolution-exchange from root

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