I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for configuring a Pure-FTP daemon on our CentOS Linux server to support FTP over implicit SSL/TLS (over port 990). Btw, I'm pretty good with finding my way around a linux server, just never dealt with Pure-FTP before.

Thanks, Harry

P.S. I know explicit FTPS is the new standard, however, one of the firewalls in the way seems to mess with explicit FTPS, but leave implicit FTPS connections alone. Since we have no control over the firewall, but have full control over the server, it only makes sense to switch to implicit FTPS to get around this issue.


Hello for anyone still wondering about this.

Pure-FTPd supports implicit TLS, configurable at compile-time, with the --with-implicittls flag, since version 1.0.24. This turns off the explicit TLS feature, so it's an XOR.

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