I want to monitor performance counters on my Windows 7 Machines from Windows Server 2012.

Right now, I have two Windows 7 machines that can monitor each other's performance counters no problem. To allow access, I have started the Remote Registry service and added Everyone to the Performance Log Users and Performance Monitor Users groups.

The problem is, if I try to add performance counters from either of these machines in Server 2012, I get the error message "Unable to connect to machine". The Windows 7 machines show up under the search and their names check out, but I am unable to get a listing of the counters. I have disabled the firewall on the Windows 7 machines for good measure, but still have the same results.

Does anyone know if I can monitor Windows 7 performance counters from Server 2012 or have any insight into the problem?


Try installing Management Framework 3.0 on your Windows 7 machine:


Edit: Make sure to enable remote management on your Win 7 machine afterwards with enable-psremoting.

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