At $work we have a custom install of CentOS 6.2 (a pre-prepped image with a reduced set of packages).

The normal CentOS 6.2 install works fine.

The custom one fails to boot as follows:

  • grub starts up and displays the defined boot options
  • if we let it continue and try to boot, it gives the "a black screen with a blinking cursor" which is symptomatic of not finding the kernel
  • if we go to the grub command line and manually input exactly the same boot command as grub loaded from the grub.conf, the machine boots successfully.

my google-foo is failing here, anyone have suggestions or solution?

  • When you customize something, it is difficult to give meaningful input. Details on grub.conf would be useful. Was anything migrated from an older install? Dec 5, 2012 at 21:47

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The initrd is actually initramfs in CentOS6 not initrd (as in CentOS5), so it was never finding the initrd to boot. (PEBCAK :( ).


I suggest there are errors in your grub.conf. Try to diff your one with "normal Centos" one.

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