I am trying to create a new user group within the phpldapadmin interface. Under the Samba SID entry it gives me two boxes side by seide with the following:

=php.PickList(/;(&(objectClass=sambaDomain));sambaSID;%sambaSID% (%sambaDomainName%));;;;sambaDomainName


NO Methods: drawAttributeHelperAttribute|drawAttributeHelper

there might be more to the second box, but that's all that fits in it. Normally this field should generate a SID on its own but seems to somehow fail.

Any ideas what could be wrong here?


I had the same problem with the version There is a mistake on the template used to create the Samba Group.

To correct the problem do

Access the prompt as root:

cd /etc/phpldapadmin/templates/creation

edit the file 'sambaGroupMapping.xml'

Find the line bellow in bold:

<attribute id="sambaSID">
  <display>Samba SID</display>
  **<value><![CDATA[=php.PickList(/;(&(objectClass=sambaDomain));sambaSID;%sambaSID% (%sambaDomainName%));;;;sambaDomainName]]></value>**

And replace for that:

<value><![CDATA[=php.PickList(/;(&(objectClass=sambaDomain));sambaSID;%sambaSID% (%sambaDomainName%);;;;sambaDomainName**)**]]></value>

The last parenthesis was type in wrong place. After changed that, the problem had solved.

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