I am trying to log webservice specific information with Apache (Apache acts as a load-balancer by use of mod_jk). For instance I want to know how long the responsetime of each webservice-call takes. To do this I definitely would need to know the name of the webservice-method in the log-file. As a matter of fact, the name of the webservice-method is wrapped in the SOAP-body, to which I have no access to with the default-configuration.

Does anybody know an Apache module to extend the log-information? Or are there any other ideas to solve this challenge?



Most service frameworks and hybrid frameworks offer methods for calculating load and event logging.

You could opt for service implementation in CXF. or more lighter under Axis implementation.

There are some projects of Apache loggin that could solve your problem this is the link:

Apache logging services

I personally think that the lightest solution would be to develop a small module apache to identify specific traffic and avoid overload of data processing by additional service

  • As I am interestet not only in information a framework could give me but in application-specific data, I definitely will consider your suggestion in writing my own apache-module. Thanks for your input!
    – Phil
    Dec 8 '12 at 22:38

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