I have a HyperV Server hosting a Domain Controller VM ( and another VM ( joined to this domain.

I have:

  • domain controller as DNS server
  • forward lookup zone for the domain with host record for and
  • Windows client has primary DNS server set to and secondary to my ISP

I can ping (domain controller) successfully but cannot ping (domain-joined VM)

When pinging from Windows client:

 Reply from : Destination host unreachable

When pinging from Domain Controller:

 Reply from : Destination host unreachable

I have 2 virtual network adapters one PRIVATE for intranet (set to static IP and one PUBLIC for internet with a dynamic IP.

I noticed the the PUBLIC one inherited the "mydomain.com" domain subtitle after joining the domain... I don't know what this meant but it seemed more intuitive to me to switch THIS ONE to have the static IP. After I configured that I still could not ping but now I get:

 Request timed out

What seems to be the issue, I'm relatively new to networking.


I think the most likely explanation is that you have the Windows firewall enabled on

Try disabling it completely, and see if that allows you to ping that VM.

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