I have a problem with a high traffic wordpress, super high CPU load under nginx php-fpm, I am caching with apc, and memcached, spent 2-3 days tweaking configs and looking for answers it seems to me that php-fpm takes up all the cpu available no matter how many max_children i set if i set 5 then the load is 20% each, if i set 20 then the load adds up till 90% i tried static and dynamic

server is 2x3.0Ghz 6GB Ram SSD in raid 10 on ubuntu 12.04 x64

utpime: 17:27:51 up 2:19, 1 user, load average: 29.79, 28.08, 26.29 what can be the issue?

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PHP takes what it can get. You say that you have a lot of traffic. Even if you use the caching, PHP still does some checking and calculating and stuff. This adds up.

The more important thing is: Does it feel/is it slow?

  • it doesn't, i just thought that it's something wrong cause people talk about how the load should be ~ 1, I guess I am being paranoid :) – Piotr Kaluza Dec 13 '12 at 0:57

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