I've got a auto.master with an indirect map and a direct map.

 /home /etc/auto.home --timeout 60
 /-    /etc/auto.foo  --timeout 60


 jwells -rw,noquota,intr server:/vol/home/jwells
 ... <SOME of these>


 /foo/path/one -rw,noquota,intr server1:/path
 ... <LOTS of these>

When I start autofs, EVERYTHING in auto.foo gets mounted. Thousands of mounts. /home doesn't exhibit this.

I have various symlinks in my filesystem from /some/place->/foo/mounted/path, but certainly nothing constantly trolling all the paths to force them to automount.

I can force these to unmount, but explicitly umounting them, but they eventually show up again.

(Debian, Wheezy)


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