I have a dual-boot machine with Windows and Linux on it. It doesn't reside at my hand, instead , it's placed in the datacenter which I have to access remotely. For most of time, I work on Linux. But there is some occasion that I have to use the Windows OS on it. Here is the problem. I hope to do all those following things remotely.

  1. Do some magic to Grub. Reboot the machine from Linux.
  2. Grub boots Windows.
  3. Access Windows remotely. Work done. Reboot the machine from Windows.
  4. Grub boots Linux.

So I wonder whether I can set the booting target at the next time, for only once? Thanks.


If you have machines in a datacenter, you really need to have remote console: whether that be a KVM, iLo/DRAC/other OOB management, or remote hands at the datacenter that can be walked through what you need them to do.

That said, I am interested in seeing a technical answer for mangling grub from Windows.

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    OK, one of my usual insane ideas: run a minimal linux VM and export the physical disk to it (UNSAFE setup; never ever mount anything read/write in both VM and host system even if you dont intend to write to it!) – rackandboneman Dec 17 '12 at 16:25

You should be able to use the grub-reboot utility to boot into another OS without changing the default.


What file system type is /boot on? if it is ext2 you might be able to use something like this to change the grub settings http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html

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