Good Morning everyone,

I am currently trying to promote my 2012 Server to a Domain Controller but when I am at the first step in the setup I get the Error Message

(German, Original Message):

[Bereitstellungskonfiguration] Fehler bei der Bestimmung, ob der Zielserver bereits ein Domänencontroller ist: Der Typ [Microsoft.Directory.Services.Deployment.DeepTasks.DeepTasks] wurde nicht gefunden: Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die Assembly, die diesen Typ enthält, geladen ist.

(Translated to English):

Error while determining, if the Targetserver already is a Domain Controller: The Type [Microsoft.Directory.Services.Deployment.DeepTasks.DeepTasks] was not found: Make sure, that the assembly, that contains this type, is loaded.

Thus I can neither Configure the AD-DS nor deinstall them via Server Manager. Any Help how to fix that problem would be greatly appricieated.


Sounds like a corrupted installation. It would be terribly useful if you gave us all the relevant information too, like this being a VM, and running Sharepoint, TFS and the Project Server on the same server. I'm not sure what you're trying to setup but a DC should not run anything else (DNS and arguably DHCP being exceptions).

  • Well then, that server is a 2012 Datacenter Server running on Hyper-V (alongside another 2012 installation which can not be used for features of this setup). The server currently has IIS8, MySQL (both can not be removed), Sharepoint, TFS, and the Project 2012 Plugin. The Idea is to run an exchange server on this server and to run an exchange you need IIS, MsSQL and a DC. As this server is in an internet envoironment I can not just make up another VM as i could on my local network (where I can NAT the virtual IP adresses to the physical network) as I dont have any left. – Daniel Steiner Jan 22 '13 at 2:29

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