I'm running ESXi and just recently rebuilt a raid array, and now an existing local datastore is no longer accessable in ESXi. The details:

Original Configuration:

  • 1x usb drive (on the backplane) containing esxi 5.1 install.
  • 2x local SAS drives in hw raid1 configured as datastore1. Also contained scratch space for esxi.
  • 3x local SATA drives in hw raid 5, configured as datastore2.

New Configuration

  • Using the datastore browser, I moved all VMs and files from datastore1 to datastore2, entered maintenance mode and shutdown the server.
  • I added a (3rd) sas drive to the server, deleted the raid1 array and built a raid5 array with the 3 SAS disks.
  • I most definitely didn't touch the 3x SATA drives in the existing raid5 array at this point.

    So, now I reboot the server and have no persistent datastores. At this point I expected to still have datastore2 (the 3x SATA drives that now contains my vms/data). I then exit maintenance mode, recreate datastore1 on the SAS raid5 array, configure Scratch space on datastore1 and reboot.

    Still no datastore2. I rescanned, nothing. When I go to "add storage" -> "disk/Lun" -> select the SATA array -> Select VMFS-5, I see the warning: A partition will be created and used. At this point, I cancelled out prior to changing partition information.

    Any idea what happened, and how to recover the datastore on the SATA array?

  • what kind of hardware? – SpacemanSpiff Dec 21 '12 at 16:37
  • Dell 2950 G2 w/ Dell Perc 5/i – xelco52 Dec 21 '12 at 16:39

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