We've just bought a QNAP 419 NAS to the office and for simplicity I'd like to authenticate using LDAP from our Domino server.

qnap ldap auth demands the following settings:

  • Base DN
  • Root DN
  • password
  • User
  • base DN
  • Group base DN

Our Domino server has the hierarchy: O=/

I can't figure out what to put in the above fields except root DN and password.

We have a firewall (Fortigate) with ldap authentication to our Domino server that's is working fine. Here we specify the DN as O= but it does not specify what DN…

I have search for others using this combo but no hits.

Domino server: 8.5.3 QNAP: TS419P II, fw: 3.8.1 Build 20121205

  • I have talked to the folks at qnap and they haven't replied with a solution, unfortunatly. stuck – Mikael Grevsten Jan 18 '13 at 10:40

According to QNAP support:

QNAP can support the LDAP server if it provide at least following object classes and attributes.

  • objectclass posixAccount
  • objectclass shadowAccount
  • objectclass posixGroup
  • attribute uid
  • attribute uidNumber
  • attribute gidNumber
  • attribute cn
  • attribute homeDirectory
  • attribute loginShell
  • attribute uniqueMember
  • attribute gecos

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