Say you had a file directive like so:

file: "/tmp/file_I_need":
    path => "/tmp/file_I_need",
    ensure => "present",

And then each file like so:


The question is this:

How do I tell which source file puppet is using? If I am running puppet on different hosts, I expect different files, I know it will use the file that matched first.

Short of modifying the file and seeing if the changes made it,is there a way to see exactly which of the 3 source files it chose?

This is puppet 2.6.2.(Server running on Debian)


I am seeking a different method than using a hash of the file. I also do not like the solution of putting the filename(or similar) somewhere in each file. I want to know how to get the path from puppet.

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    The md5 sum of the file used is reported, it is a bit tedious, but you use that to determine which file was used. – Zoredache Dec 26 '12 at 19:19

put $hostname to file name or directory name:

source => ["puppet://${fileserver}/files/${name}/file_for_${hostname}.txt",
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  • I am looking for a place where puppet would tell me, I(puppet) used this file : files/node1/file_I_need – Nick P. Dec 26 '12 at 19:41

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