I write the following syntax (exist in my ksh script) in order to find how many digits I have in IP address

echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc | awk '{print $2}'


echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc | awk '{print $2}'

Please advice how to improve my syntax to make it - simpler and shorter and faster? (prefer without echo command ) , we can use also perl or awk or sed etc

Example what I defined in my code

 if [[ ` echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc | awk '{print $2}' ` -eq 3 ]]


             elif  [[ ` echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc | awk '{print $2}' ` -eq 4 ]]




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  • You should be able to simplify that to a single piped expression: echo $IP_address | awk -F. '{print NF}' - essentially define awk's field separator (-F) as '.' and display (print) the number of fields (NF). – cyberx86 Dec 27 '12 at 10:07
  • You should probably use tr instead of sed if you just want to swap one character for another. – David Schwartz Dec 27 '12 at 11:37

From the wc man page

-w, --words print the word counts

So you can get rid of the awk at the end of the pipe.

echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc -w

You can assign the output of the pipe to a variable

num_octets=$(echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc -w)
echo $num_octets

Now you have a variable containing the number of octets you can do whatever you want by just querying it e.g.

num_octets=$(echo  $IP_address | sed s'/\./ /g' | wc -w)
case $num_octets in
  "1" )
        echo "1 Octet" ;;
  "2" )
        echo "2 Otets" ;;
  "3" )
        echo "3 Octets" ;;
  "4" )
        echo "4 Octets" ;;
        echo "Invalid IPv4 Address"
  • @Lain its not work properly because wc –w output print the number with space so case not read the integer numbers ( try it ) , any way my target was to find other solution without use echo command , – yael Dec 27 '12 at 11:01
  • @yael: Not on my system but easily fixed and left as an exercise for you. – Iain Dec 27 '12 at 15:26

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