I'm attempting to install apcupsd on 2 Synology NAS servers (RS3411 and RS3412) so that they shutdown when batterlife on the UPS (APC SmartUPS X 1500) reaches a set minimum.

Here is what I do: - ssh into the NAS as root - install ipkg (sh syno-i686-bootstrap_1.2-7_i686.xsh) - instal apcupsd (ipkg install apcupsd_3.14.8-1_i686.ipk) - configure apcupsd.conf - start apcupsd - check with apcaccess So far so good, it works. However, when I log out of the session (directly or by rebooting) apcupsd doesn't work anymore, reporting as not being installed. ipkg does the same. When I try to reinstall ipkg is reports that it can't. After removing 2 folders (/volume1/@optware and /usr/lib/ipkg) and can install again and it's back to square 1.

I have no good idea what happens here. It might be something is installed in a part of memory that is cleaned when closing the session but I haven't much of a clue. As far as I can tell all files are installed on the disks.


The answer turned out to be here. Specifically step 10, it comes instead of the normal way but is, in practice, alike.

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