I am trying to use debconf to preseed the values for the locales package in Debian squeeze, so that I can reconfigure it non-interactively to, e.g., generate all locales. I extract the right selection from a working system using debconf-get-selections, and then feed them to debconf-set-selections on the new system.

It is working for other packages, e.g. sun-java6-bin, not quite for locales. I am able to set the values with debconf-set-selections, but if I reconfigure locales with dpkg-reconfigure (or reinstall it with, e.g., apt-get install --reinstall locales, for that matter), the values are reset and the new locales are not generated.

Symptoms are exactly the same as in debian bug #592216, but that bug is officially resolved in version 2.9-13 of the package. Squeeze has 2.11.3-4, so either the bug is still there, or I am doing something wrong.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Thanks in advance

-- M


Yes, I have experienced the same problem, and after fighting it for a while, I found a workaround that uses /etc/locale.gen.

I published a puppet module to configure the locales we usually use on our servers, that is, only en_US.UTF-8:


Here it is, inlined:

class locales {

  package { "locales": 
    ensure => "latest",

  file { "/etc/locale.gen":
    source => [
    owner => "root",
    group => "root",
    mode => 644,
    require => Package["locales"],

  exec { "/usr/sbin/locale-gen":
    subscribe => File["/etc/locale.gen"],
    refreshonly => true,
    require => [ Package["locales"], File["/etc/locale.gen"] ]


Even if you don't use puppet ;-), you can easily understand what's happening. You just create the /etc/locale.gen file with the list of locales you want to generate, and then run the /usr/sbin/locale-gen.

Here's the list file I use as /etc/locale.gen:

# This file lists locales that you wish to have built. You can find a list
# of valid supported locales at /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED, and you can add
# user defined locales to /usr/local/share/i18n/SUPPORTED. If you change
# this file, you need to rerun locale-gen.

en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
  • Thanks cosimo, see my answer below (cfengine code included ;) – bronto Jan 9 '13 at 11:55

I managed to create a cfengine3 policy similar to @cosimo's manifest, and it appears to work. I am fine with that, but I still believe that bug #592216 is not resolved yet so I may file another one to Debian.

My cfengine implementation takes advantage of the fact that /etc/locale.gen seems to contain all the possible locales, but commented out.

Rather than rewriting the file from scratch, and possibly introduce errors, I am asking cfengine to uncomment the locales I want to be generated. If the locale is not there, be it because it's not supported or I misspelled it, nothing happens. This approach also simplifies things in that it is not necessary to write both the locale and the charset: you can just write the locale and let cfengine uncomment all the related charsets for that locale.

'nuff said:

body common control
      inputs => { "cfengine_stdlib.cf" } ;
      bundlesequence => {"test"} ;

bundle agent test
    slist => { "da_DK.UTF-8", "de_DE.UTF-8", "en_US.UTF-8",
           "es_ES.UTF-8", "fr_FR.UTF-8", "it_IT.UTF-8",
           "nl_NL.UTF-8", "ru_RU.UTF-8", "sv_SE.UTF-8",
           "tr_TR.UTF-8", "id_ID.UTF-8", "nb_NO.UTF-8",
           "pl_PL.UTF-8", "vi_VN.TCVN"  },
    comment => "locales to generate" ;

    edit_line => enable_locales(@(test.locales)),
    classes   => if_repaired("regenerate_locales"),
    comment   => "Enable locales, trigger locale-gen if needed" ;

    comment => "Regenerate locales when needed" ;

      "Locales regenerated" ;

bundle edit_line enable_locales(locales)
    replace_with => uncomment ;

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