I am trying to install Arch Linux on a Software RAID that I am building following their instructions on the Wiki. I built as far as the Logical Volumes and after that switched to the Installation guide. I formatted the new partitions (root, var and home) with EXT4 using the guide and rebooted the system. Now when I run lvdisplay I can see the volumes (pointing at /dev/VolGroupArray/lv[root|var|home], but when I ls the /dev directory, there is no VolGroupArray directory anymore. I'm not sure if there is a command that I'm missing to show it again, or if I screwed something up and have to start over.


I found the answer a few minutes after posting here on this site. I got to the conclusion as follows:

lvscan # Showed all my volumes as inactive, so I assumed I needed to activate them somehow
lvchange -a y /dev/VolGroupArray # Activates all volumes in the VolGroupArray
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