I have setup few websites on IIS8 all using the same wildcard SSL certificate. Some of the sites need to be accessible to older browsers and operating systems, therefore I cannot use the "Require Server Name Indication" option.

Since SNI is not supported by all devices, IIS is showing the following alert:

"No default SSL site has been created. To support browsers without SNI capabilities, it is recommended to create a default SSL site."

How do I create a default SSL site? The closest article I found is not very clear, and I have the feeling that there must be an easier solution.

Server details: Windows Server 2012, IIS8, One external IP address

  • I love how this is such a "Well, whaddaya want me to do about it?" message. Fortunately, serverfault has the answer, as usual. – SilverbackNet Jul 24 '18 at 12:12

You could chose any of the websites hosted in IIS and uncheck SNI (Server Name Indication there. Check this below

enter image description here

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    You also need to clear the 'host name' field in order for it to act as the default SSL website. At least the warning on not having a default SSL site did not disappear until I did so, and the IIS8 guide on setting up multiple HTTPS sites described the same setup. – angularsen May 5 '15 at 23:01
  • FYI, regarding the comment above, I personally didn't need to clear "Host name" field for the warning to disappear, just unticked Require SNI option. IIS 8.0.9200 – Jimbo Jul 13 '18 at 5:17
  • I don't think it's necessary to uncheck it at this point, unless you have some special use case. All modern browsers support it. – Ryan Gates Mar 15 at 17:21

If you currently have a * binding clear that out as well (and uncheck the require SNI box on that binding)

  • Doesn't * equal any hostname, which is exactly what we need here? – MEMark Jan 12 '18 at 9:49

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