I have my own Windows Server an Asp.Net application hosted live. The application allows users to upload CV PDF files and I have the DB also on that server. Which steps should I take to ensure that all data is there all the time even in case of hard drive failure?

I know RAID5 can be done but I only want to backup certain folders on my hard drive. I have heard of SQL server replication which would prevent the data loss in case of hard drive failure.

Which tactics are you using for this purpose on your server?


  • If your hard drive fails, your OS won't work, right? – Edwin Jan 18 '13 at 21:02

"even in case of hard drive failure" - Use RAID ... but what if the server implodes?

If you want an always on soulution, look at a cluster. In the same cluster you can store both the SQL and all files.

btw, Backup! Whatever way you go... you can never (ehm, well..) recover from an admin fault (does a delete instead of an update) without a proper backup.

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