Here's the situation: I have running HP Proliant ML 350 G4 server, which already has Adaptec AAC-RAID controller and 2 HDD built as Raid-1. Now, I want to add another 2 HDD but for them I have another controller (FastTrak TX2200). I connected the controller to the PCI slot and wired new HDDs. Then using FastTrak raid controller menu I created a new Raid and it shows me as one logical disk. However, my Ubuntu OS, does not recognize it as one drive - it shows me them both as different drives! I haven't partitioned the new drives yet, so maybe that might be the problem?

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    I'm curious. Where did the HP Smart Array RAID controllers go? That's usually the best choice for ProLiant servers. – ewwhite Jan 13 '13 at 15:26

This controller is so-called "driver-based RAID" and need a special driver. It seems that Ubuntu has not those drivers. Follow this sheet TX2200 have support in RedHat and SLES. You can compile your own version from source code

Notes from FastTrak:

This Linux source code should only be used by experienced Linux users. This code is designed to be used with Linux kernel 2.6. This code is provided as-is and Promise Technology does not provide technical support for the code.

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  • The colloquial term for the FastTrak crap is "fake-raid" and you'll find plenty of people lamenting the problems encountered when using it. I strongly recommend against subjecting yourself to such aberrations; use a good hardware RAID HBA or full software RAID. – Chris S Jan 13 '13 at 15:32

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