I am using Ubuntu and I am having the following problem.

I am using a PHP function called exec to get the latest git changes from my remote repo. E.g.: exec("git pull");.

The file is placed in /var/www. When accessing from shell (user 'myapp') works fine. When done from browser, doesn't seem to work correctly.

However, this doesn't seem to work. There could be 2 problems causing this (probably both): 1) the www-data user doesn't have sufficient permissions 2) git can't connect to my bitbucket repo because I don't have the public key for the www-data user so I can add that to BitBucket to allow access from this server

Is there anyone that can help with this permissions problem? Thanks in advance!


I fixed this by installing SuPHP, so the php script runs under the user, and not under www-data.

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