I inherited a network with a Fortigate 60B firewall. The VPN dial up client works right now as long as I specify a static IP. Problem is, it becomes hard to manage when I need to assign each and every person using the client their own personal IP.

I already have a DHCP server on the internal network and so I figured I'd configure the firewall to relay the DHCP to dial up VPN clients. Unfortunately, that isn't working. I turned on debugging for DHCP relay and this is what I got:

2013-01-13 19:58:01 L3 socket: received request message from to at wan2

2013-01-13 19:58:01 got a DHCPDISCOVER

2013-01-13 19:58:01 Warning! can't get server id from client message

2013-01-13 19:58:01 forwarding dhcp request from to

2013-01-13 19:58:01 sent a dhcp packet of 302 bytes to server

2013-01-13 19:58:02 got a DHCPOFFER from server

2013-01-13 19:58:02 sending dhcp reply from to

As you can see, the reply seems to be coming from an empty IP ( and so I assume this is the problem. Am I correct? If so, what could be the cause?



Have you tried upgrading the firmware? We've had DHCP problems with 4.0 MR3 firmware and that was fixed with a firmware upgrade. Also, we have a DHCP server on the fortigate just for IPsec clients and it works normally.

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