I want to create a private network between virtual machines running in multiple hosts using Virtualbox. Linux will be used as guest operating system, and Windows in the hosts.

How do I set this up using Virtualbox?


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Option 1: Hardware

  • Purchase a dedicated NIC for each machine (or use VLANs if your NICs support them).
  • Attach these NIC to the virtual machines only
  • Connect these NICs together with an isolated physical switch or use VLANs on your switch if it is supported

This should give you a private network between hosts

Option 2: Software

  • Configure an OpenVPN server on a guest VM
  • Have each Linux machine VPN to the OpenVPN server on a network that only exists on the OpenVPN guest VM

By connecting the machines using virtual private networking, you should be able to create a private LAN that only those machines exist on.


Logmein Hamachi is a free VPN solution which supports Windows, Linux and OS X. Quite easy to install. It may be a little "overpowered" for your situation but should work.

Edit: Another, similar option is wippien.com, look at their "Mini Wippien" option. Quote: "Unlike Wippien that combines two worlds together, miniVPN is small appliation that will give you benefit of having VPN without instant messaging capabilities."


If the host machines are all on the same network, you may be able to configure DHCP to assign the MAC addresses used by VirtualBox (or VMWare) VMs to a different 'virtual' network.

For example, say all your host machines run on You could configure DHCP to assign all computers with MAC addresses beginning with 80:00:27 to the network.

Hope this helps.

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