i was wondering this, then found someone else wondering it too (at that stage with no reply)


when you switch from apache to nginx you dont get the same option in virtualmin server "Logs & Reports" section to view nginx's error logs

well it couldn't be that hard to add right ?...


well what do you know, i worked it out (well a quick hack, not as good as the real thing but it works.)

edit virtual-server-lib-funcs.pl

(for me in debian in was in /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server )

(check your nginx log path is the same)

add this around line 11091 after the bandwidth button is added:

#nginx error log

            push(@rv, { 'mod' => 'syslog',
             'title' => 'Nginx Error Log',
               'desc' => 'Nginx Error Log',
                'page' => "save_log.cgi?view=1&file=/var/log/virtualmin/".$d->{'dom'}."_error_log",
              'cat' => 'logs',

#nginx error log 

now it wont show up straight away, as these links are cached, so you can wait of for a reload by going to line 10786:

local $crv = &get_links_cache($ckey, $v);
if ($crv) {
   return @$crv;

change if($crv){ to if(0){

save, upload, refresh virtualmin, your new link's should be visible, now undo this change and re-upload

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