I'm making a website in Drupal, which allows users to add walkthroughs for games. However, those walkthroughs can contain over 500,000 words. Should I do this? Can both Drupal and MySQL handle that much of characters? If not, what can I use instead?

Thanks in advance.


Well, wouldn't you want something like an index node, that links to other nodes for each 'chapter' or level. I wouldn't worry as much about Drupal and MySql as much as the end user's browser.

Also, that is not really that much data. If a character is one byte which it often is, and say the average word is 4 characters, that is 4 bytes per word. So 4 bytes * 500,000 words is less then 2 MegaBytes. So from a computer's standpoint, that is not really huge.

  • Well, the browser can handle it, just like gamefaqs.com, which also has huge pages. I'll just make a dummy drupal on a local server and test it. Thanks anyway. If drupal crashes on the local server, I will simply use books like you suggested.
    – user42235
    Jul 28 '09 at 18:20

Drupal and MySQL will be fine with that many characters.

You may want to install something like the Pagination module to make life easier on your users and their connections, though.


Why not create a simple drupal installation and post some Lorem Ipsum-nodes? Shouldn't take this long. Drupal uses LONGTEXT for node content so there shouldn't be a problem.

Bottleneck will be Mysql, I guess. PHPmyadmin can show you a lot of stats about your Mysql and give some advice about good or bad characteristics.


Also keep in mind that you'll see a 2 meg jump in memory usage every time that node is loaded or manipulated in some fashion.

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