The full case is the following:

  • I attach a LUN from a SAN box (iscsi configuration has been done correctly)
  • As soon as I restart the open-iscsi daemon, the LUN is attached and its name appears under /dev/mapper is something like the following string: 360060e80104dac0004f349c800000001

Now I don't want to use this alphanumeric, I need a decent mnemonic. So, I use the dmsetup command as follows: # dmsetup rename 360060e80104dac0004f349c800000001 datastore

and a datastore link to a dm device appears under /dev/mapper. Problem solved, until the next reboot. where the datastore mnemonic is gone and the above alphanumeric appears again under /dev/mapper.

How do I make this change permanent?


Consider referencing the LUN via /dev/disk/by-{id,path,uuid} instead of trying to rename WWN every time.

Or maybe you can make a udev(7) rule to create a static node under /dev representing your block device based on attributes related to your WWN. You can get all the attributes with udevadm(8). A good starting point would be ID_WWN_WITH_EXTENSION:

ENV{ID_WWN_WITH_EXTENSION}=="360060e80104dac0004f349c800000001", SYMLINK+="iscsi/datastore"

This creates a symlink at /dev/iscsi/datastore that points to your iscsi LUN.


Add the dmsetup rename entry in /etc/rc.local

echo "dmsetup rename 360060e80104dac0004f349c800000001 datastore" >> /etc/rc.local

You didn't give the OS specifics. However, most modern OSes support udev and this is a pretty good way to do what you are trying.

After assigning the lun to the system, just get the scsi_id of the disk. You need to get the sg3_utils package installed. I am talking in Red Hat and derivative terms.

/sbin/scsi_id --page=0x83 --whitelisted /dev/sdX

Replace sdx with sda or sdb or whatever.

Now, that you have the scsi_id, write a udev rule in /etc/udev/ruls.d directory.

KERNEL="sd*", BUS=="SCSI", PROGRAM=="/sbin/scsi_id -gus /dev/sd*", RESULT=="XXXX", SYMLINK+="datastore", OWNER=="username", GROUP=="groupname", MODE="0664"

I came up with the rule from scratching my memory but the syntax should be correct.

Restart udev after this or better bet, reboot.

  • -gus for rhel5 and -gud for rhel6. scsi_id has got hell lot of switches, /sbin/scsi_id --page=0x83 gives the VPD data, --page=0x80 gives manufacturer data. Select what you want – Soham Chakraborty Jan 30 '13 at 18:20

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