I'm trying to copy files from remote machine using construction like this

copy smb://DOMAIN;USERLOGIN:Password@ C:/tmp/

it shows next message -

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

I guess that win command "copy" works only with directories... The main idea is to copy files over SMB protocol EXACTLY within userLogin and password.

So, I was serfing the internet and i found that "USE NET" may help me. When i tried to use it, it said me that there are multiple connections on the same resource. Then i tried to "USE NET \COMPNAME\folder DELETE" it shew that operation had been performed sucessful but message about multiple connections still the same during another attempts of using "USE NET".

Furthermore - if i could make such NET resource, would i be able to copy\delete files from that?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my poor English.


As Somesh mentioned i 've used USE NET for downloading files from multiple places But unfortunately problem with multiple connetions within login and pass still exist. I couldnt find any active on current machine by using USE NET without an arguments. Similar problem is here: System error 1219 has occurred

if it interesting to someone here is my sample-script:

@echo off
@echo initializing loop.
set disk="T"
set destination="D:\downloads\temp"
REM set user = "USER"
REM set password = "PASS"
REM set domain = "DOMAIN"

for /F %%S in (shares.txt) do (
    @echo start of performing: %%S

    @echo next step: mount network disk %disk%:
    DIR %disk%: 1>NUL && net use %disk%: /delete
    net use %disk%: %%S /persistent:no
        REM net use %%S /USER:%domain%\%user% %password% /persistent:no
    @echo next step: copy all files from %disk%: to %destination%

    xcopy %disk%:\* %destination% /s /i /c
    @echo next step: dismount network disk %disk%:
    net use %disk%: /delete

In a script, mount the SMB/CIFS share with the net command.

net use \\computername\sharename /persistent:no

You can use xcopy to copy the files to or from the SMB/CIFS share. After finishing copy, you could optionally remove the share from the Windows workstation.

net use \\computername\sharename /delete

You can get full options of the net command by running net help use.

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