Ok, here are the symptoms in chronological order:

(iis 6.5 - asp.net 2.0 - windows server 2003)

  • Application pool drops all requests. (dropped, and abandoned by reqQueue)
  • Trying to log into application from VPN connection only shows hourglass, never loads
  • Logging into the server and opening app on local host: applications in app pool run fine
  • Reset app pool
  • Application runs again for 5 minutes then starts hanging again.
  • Create a new app pool
  • Move the application to this pool.
  • Application runs again for 5 minutes then starts hanging again in new app pool.
  • Restart the server
  • Applications run for about a week until same scenario restarts again

This was not happening until recently about a week after a new release was installed and deployed on the server. Minor coding changed were implemented.

  • Changed the redirection of my login page from a 'Server.Transfer' to a 'Response.Redirect'
  • Added a section to grab data from the DB to a asp:label.

Stuff that hasn't worked:

  • Creating new app poool
  • Recycling App Pool
  • Restarting App Pool

More Strange behavior:

  • Windows Installer now freezing up and not allowing me to install a text .msi i created
  • Screen hangs when I try to add a new Performance Counter

Error logs not showing any thing that i can see to cause this problem. I will add more details if I think they can help.

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