I've just set up a squid transparent proxy inside my network. The proxy works fine, however it seems some sort of caching policy is causing the proxy to instead go grab a copy of the website, it's simply pointing to's HTTP web server (which is NGINX with multiple virtual hosts).

Now this only happens after a site has been visited multiple times, hence why I believe it's a caching issue. I'm wondering now; does Squid have a builtin cache which points to port 80? if so, can i change the port to an alternative and simply set up a virtual site for it? OR is it something completely different that I've overlooked?

Below is a screenshot of the server 404'ing because the directory couldn't be found on the local machine. If I changed directory to "mediawiki.org", it would show me the default website index.html page for my server.

404 screenshot

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Here is my configuration can be help you, and ask me in my question Squid squidGuard on Debian 6

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