Looks like it is not even documented on the samba website itself, or did I miss it?


Best hit I got is from: http://devarthur.blogspot.de/2008/05/integrating-ubuntu-hardy-heron-804-with.html



To get the SID of the a group use:

wbinfo -n "DOMAIN\group"

SID "S-1-1-0" is Everyone

The access modifiers after the group SID are as follows:

R - read-only
F - full access
D - deny access

Seems pretty straight forward...

usershare_acl=-The user you want to give ACL's to-:-ACL Modifier-

Seem's fairly well documented to be put up as a question that you are answering for yourself the same minute you ask it.... :\

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    Indeed, the same minute I posted it I had already been looking around for the best answer I could find, wich looks neither official nor directly related as it is part of a guide for another task, belonging to a blog post. Other idea of well documented maybe :) – a1an Feb 22 '15 at 22:18

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