If you look at my previous question, you'll see that I have two IP Addresses (for the remote device), to configuring our VPN Tunnel:

VPN Device Tunnel Endpoint IP Address: 91.151.a.b
Host(s):  IP address(es) to be accessed (Public IP address required): 91.151.c.d

During the IPSec configuration, I need to provide our machine's IP address (left) and the remote device (right), but I still have no idea which of above IP addresses, for the remote device, is the right one for configuring IPSec.


It looks to me as if right=91.151.a.b, and rightsubnet=91.151.c.d/32, but as you say, it's unclear. Try both - one of them definitely won't work!

Whichever host is right, that will also need to be one of the addresses listed, along with your own, in the PSK line of the ...secrets file.

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