Is it possible to mass change ILO settings with HP Systems Insight Manager?

I am looking for an automated method of getting all my organizations servers power settings configured the same Ilo. Basically I want all my servers enabled for "Automatically Power On Server" and "Power delay to 30 seconds"

How do I go about this? I have looked all over the interface but am not seeing an obvious method of achieving this.

So far I have created a group but cant see a a way of changing the power settings and mass deploy it.

Systems Insight Manager 7.0.0 - Windows 80+ Hp Proliant G4, G5, G6 and G7 Servers.

  • Curious. Why delay 30 seconds? Would the random setting be more appropriate? What issue are you looking to fix? – ewwhite Feb 4 '13 at 14:33

You can prepare a XML file containing the settings and use a script that pushes it out to all nodes you want to update.

An example of how to do this can be found here

On how to prepare the XML (RIBCL) file, see the HP Lights Out Scripting Guide


This could either be a case for ILO scripting using the hponcfg online configuration utility or possibly conrep (to mass-apply BIOS settings). The problem I see is that the ILO and server power capabilities are different between the G4 and G7 systems, for example...

So you may have to do this in batches of like-generation servers.

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