If you run Task Manager (or Process Explorer) and minimise it, it puts an icon in the icon tray which shows current processor usage as a little bar graph.

I would like to find a similar tool which will show me current disk activity in a similar way.
Even better... a tool which shows me a graph of recent disk activity.
Even better than that ... showing it by application.

I'm mainly going to use this on Windows XP, but a tool which works for Vista would be useful too.

I know that some of the Sysinternals tools almost show me this, but none of them is quite there.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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You can view the IO usage in the system tray using Process Explorer by enabling "Options->I/O History Tray Icon".

Hover over the icon, and it will tell you which app is using the most IO right now.

  • nice. I had to go and get the latest version, which is fab. top tip!
    – AJ.
    Commented May 6, 2009 at 8:54

Vista has this capability in Reliability and Performance monitor. Open it and expand the Disk section and you'll see disk stats per process.


Perfmon's Physical Disk and Logical Disk counters work great.

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