I have started with RabbitMQ. I have a (windows) machine on which I installed two RabbitMQ nodes as a service - I have choose the nodename, port and service name for each of them. The services are running normally (i see that they are listening in a netstat-a).

I have also installed management plugin with "rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management" and restarted both services. But the plugin isn't running - I dont see it listening in a netstat and I can't connect to the management console via browser.

Any idea what could be wrong? Is there any log to see what is goind on?

Updated: when I do rabbitmq-plugins list i get:

c:\RabbitMq\sbin>rabbitmq-plugins list
[e] amqp_client                       3.0.1
[ ] cowboy                            0.5.0-rmq3.0.1-git4b93c2d
[ ] eldap                             3.0.1-gite309de4
[e] mochiweb                          2.3.1-rmq3.0.1-gitd541e9a
[ ] rabbitmq_auth_backend_ldap        3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_auth_mechanism_ssl       3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_consistent_hash_exchange 3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_federation               3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_federation_management    3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc                  3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc_channel          3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc_channel_examples 3.0.1
[E] rabbitmq_management               3.0.1
[e] rabbitmq_management_agent         3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_management_visualiser    3.0.1
[e] rabbitmq_mochiweb                 3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_mqtt                     3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_old_federation           3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_shovel                   3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_shovel_management        3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_stomp                    3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_tracing                  3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_web_stomp                3.0.1
[ ] rabbitmq_web_stomp_examples       3.0.1
[ ] rfc4627_jsonrpc                   3.0.1-git7ab174b
[ ] sockjs                            0.3.3-rmq3.0.1-git92d4ba4
[e] webmachine                        1.9.1-rmq3.0.1-git52e62bc
  • What do you get when you do a rabbitmq-plugins list? – dtryon Feb 7 '13 at 20:32
  • dtryon: I have updated the question with the list I get. – rrejc Feb 13 '13 at 12:35
  • 3
    Having exactly the same problem. – Fopedush Apr 16 '13 at 20:32
  • @Fopedush see my answer below. – rrejc Apr 17 '13 at 4:09
  • i have the same problem on vrabbitmq-server-3.8.3 – OhadR Mar 27 '20 at 20:05

I have also posted this questions on the RabbitMq mailing list. One nice guy from the rabbitmq answred:

Ah, I think I see the problem. Setting RABBITMQ_SERVICENAME for your services sets RABBITMQ_BASE, which then controls the location of where the RabbitMQ service(s) will look for the enabled_plugins file.

But you are not setting this when invoking rabbitmq-plugins.bat, so it's writing the file to a different location. And sadly there's a bug in the rabbitmq-plugins.bat script which prevents it from looking at RABBITMQ_SERVICENAME.

I'll file a bug to get that fixed. But in the mean time you should be able to get the management plugin started by copying the enabled_plugins file from %APPDATA%\RabbitMQ\enabled_plugins to %APPDATA%\TermaniaDevRabbitMQ\enabled_pluagins and %APPDATA%\TermaniaProdRabbitMQ\enabled_plugins.

Since you're using RabbitMQ 3.x you do not need to reinstall the service, just restart it.

Cheers, Simon

That helped me.


For the sake of other people with the same problem: In my case, this solved my issue:

Sometimes, on Windows, it's not enough to do just rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management. UI is accessible only after reinstalling RabbitMQ


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