We have WSUS 3.0 SP2 installed and I was wondering if it is possible to schedule and e-mail reports in pdf format or perhaps place them on a shared folder?


What is your host OS?

Small Business Server has an option similar to this, built-in (not sure if it does PDF). It gives a report for every segment of SBS. Beyond that, the WSUS mmc has an entry for this under under options -> Email Notifications.

For PDF format... it'd be a bit harder. I doubt you'd like the answer, but you may be able to create a powershell script with the required data and then print to a PDF creator utility via cmdline. Links below that may be helpful:





As far as I know, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.2 (MBSA) still does not support emailing of reports, but it is very command-line friendly.

If you're feeling scripty, you can use MBSA and PowerShell to generate your reports. Here is a sample script on the TechNet gallery that you could probably modify pretty easily to email the report to you.


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