I have been working on creating a Data Collector Set to use to collect relevant performance information for an application my team is developing. I am using Performance Monitor on a Windows 2008 R2 server. However after I add the various performance counters to the Data Collector set through the properties window, I am unclear on how to revisit that list in order to add/remove values.

When I re-enter the same dialog by selecting the Data Collector Set in the navigation tree on the left side of the window and then right clicking the Data Collector I have just made and selecting Properties, Performance Counters Tab, Add, none of the counters I just added appear in the Added counters pane.

Is it possible to revisit the list of counters that have been added to a Data Collector Set?

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Yes, this is possible. Most likely you've viewed Properties of your custom DCS (i.e. Data Collector Set) and not Performance Counter Properties.

Go to Performance Monitor > Data Collector Sets > User Defined > choose the one you set up, and on the right pane view Properties of the configured performance counters. Edit if necessary.

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