Can anyone tell me of a resource where I can find out specifically which IBM HS21 blades support which processors.

In particular I have Intel 2X E5420 and Intel 2X E5450 which will work in some of my HS21 Blades but not others.

I need to find a reliable way to find out which CPU's I can match with which blades.


The best way to get Hardware compatibility information is from the Vendor's website. In your case, you need to visit IBM's website. Here are some links you might find useful -



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  • Unfortunately I cant seem to get the right information from it: 8853G3G (Hardware Revision 7) - Does support my 2.5Ghz E5420 but 8853C3M (Hardware Revision 6) - Does not support my 2.5Ghz E5420 I cant find out specifically where on those sites I can find this information, maybe I am missing the obvious. – user160190 Feb 15 '13 at 18:49

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