Reason is I want to make a tidy script instead of

cd /some/dir
cpio -whatever<somefile
cd -

There is nothing in GNU cpio to allow for this. This might be a little cleaner:

(cd /some/dir && cpio -whatever < /some/file)

Using the subshell parentheses will preserve the scripts current working directory and using && will ensure that the cpio extraction is only done if you successfully change directories to the target.

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    The somefile has to actually reside in /some/dir here. I just tried it and it sayd it couldn't find the files. So you either have to use relative paths back to where the files were or absolute paths. – CMCDragonkai Feb 13 '16 at 11:28

Adding a little more to what TCampbell did:

(cp /some/file /some/dir && cd /some/dir && cpio -whatever < file && rm -f file)

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