How do you as a Web Developer cope with working between Dev and Production servers and interms of config files etc?

What do you use etc

I am use to changing files manually etc

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    Use a distributed version control system, create a workflow through which only vetted changes are allowed to go to the production machines. – vonbrand Feb 19 '13 at 5:46
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Read more about Git and Github.

In addition, here is our set up:

  1. Source Code: Github / Sourceforge
  2. Dynamic Documents (Manuals, help, etc.): Google Drive
  3. Static Files (.PSD, .PDF): Dropbox
  4. Task Management: Asana
  5. Communication: Skype / Outlook.com

You can use Puppet from link which is very powerful software aiming at server config automations with lots of modules already available.

You can follow its tutorials and documentations available in product web site.

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