I recently installed Apache Tomcat 7 on Windows Server 2012. After a reboot, logging in as an administrator generates the following error message:

Application System Error. Access is denied. Unable to open the service 'Tomcat7'.

I believe the issue is the same as this bug: ASF Bugzilla – Bug 52467

This is part of my first Server 2012 setup and I am unsure as to how to either grant permission or prevent it from starting. My Google-fu on this has been weak and I was unable to locate any information on automatically starting programs for this OS.

For reference, this issue is almost an exact duplicate of this, however the answer provided there does not seem to apply to Server 2012 in the same manner.

Could someone please explain to me what I need to do to resolve this issue or point me to a resource that can enable me do the same? Thanks!

  • Take a look at the logs, and also the windows event log, to get more detail on what exactly it is being denied access to. – Falcon Momot Jun 26 '13 at 7:48

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