into my backup Linux server (Ubuntu) I have done a system to backup my three servers. Into etc/crontab I have write line like this:

0 0 * * * user rdiff-backup -v9 user@ /mnt/server1/www
0 1 * * * user rdiff-backup -v9 user@ /mnt/server2/www
0 2 * * * user rdiff-backup -v9 user@333.333.333.333::/var/www/ /mnt/server3/www

But if the first rdiff-backup don't finish before 2:00 am, and the second rdiff-backup start is a problem? Can two or more rdiff-backup run together?


Yes, rdiff-backup works in parallel. Especially in your case, since the hosts and directories are separate, it shouldn't cause a problem. But if you encounter any performance issues due to multiple rdiff-backup scripts running in parallel, then you might need to modify your cron so that a script starts only after the one immediately preceding it finishes. In bash you usually use the && to concatenate the processes, as in script1 && script2 && script2. If the first script finishes successfully, the second one starts..and so on.

  • nice.. I don't know how to make a script but is interesting to do for the performance and to debug if some backup doesn't work! – Alessandro Minoccheri Feb 22 '13 at 17:17

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