I have an Icinga instance setup and running doing its usual job. There is a plugin I wanted to try out (heatmap) that only seems to be supported under the newer Icinga-Web interface. What I was hoping to do was run both the classing and newer web interfaces ontop of the same Icinga instance.

I have taken a look at the install instructions for Icinga Classic and Icinga Web; neither say what I am looking to do is impossible but neither say how to do it either.
(For background I am running on Debian Wheezy and would prefer to use the standard packages if possible)


In short - yes, possible. There are different datasources as well as configurations involved, allowing to serve /icinga (Classic UI) and /icinga-web (new Web) by your preferred webserver.

Given the amount of questions, the docs team is working on a more detailed introduction on the 2 guis - find the latest and greatest here: http://docs.icinga.org/latest/en/beginners.html#icinga_gui_comparison

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The Icinga folks confirmed that this is possible over on Twitter; as did one or two people I know who also use Icinga.

@tafthorne sure you can use icinga web and classic on the same instance:)

— Icinga (@icinga) February 26, 2013

So I have run the apt-get icinga-web and things seem to be going OK.

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